Influential Women in History

By Kendall Albrecht

Harriet Tubman: Escaped from slavery and returned on 13 trips through the Underground Railroad, freeing around 70 slaves. 

Anne Frank: Documented her life hiding from Nazi persecution in a now-famous diary.

Jane Austen: Novelist who maintained themes of independence surrounding female characters, a feminist action much ahead of its time. 

Rosa Parks: Influenced the Montgomery Bus Boycott by refusing to abide by discriminatory rules towards people of color. 

Marie Curie: Renowned physicist, the first female Nobel Prize recipient, and one of the first women in a scientific field. 

Sacagawea: Helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition in exploring the newfound country of America. 

Maya Angelou: Civil rights activist who utilized poetry and writing to spread her views. 

Betsy Ross: Made the first U.S. flag.