Yes to Yes day!

By Madeline Crowley

The idea of a yes day first came to my mind long before the hit movie Yes Day, starring Jenna Ortega, came out in 2021. Just like any other kid, I wished for my parents to say yes to more candy, Ipad time, playdates, and American Girl Dolls. What if one day a year my parents had to say yes to everything I asked? What would my awesome day of endless “yes”s have in store for me? Kids all over the world would surely look forward to this holiday more than Christmas morning, their birthdays, and even Halloween! I think we should implement this idea of nonstop “yes”s into at least one day a year! Kids will love it, but best of all it will teach them to appreciate their parents’ strictness when they get a tummy ache from all of that candy they were allowed to eat. Not only will the world’s children be told yes all day, but on a yes day parents, teens, grandparents, and everyone in between must answer yes to each other as a celebration of our existence and to encourage kindness! Say yes to a Yes day!