Summer Solstice

By Isabel Kikoshima

As the weather becomes warmer, the grass becomes greener, the fruits become fresher, and the days become longer, June 21 marks Summer Solstice, more commonly known as the start of summer. On this day, we should celebrate the coming of sunnier weather and prettier sunsets. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM on June 21, the classic summer festivities will begin. The day will begin with heading straight to the beach and watching the sunrise. Then for lunch, everyone will attend a barbeque with their friends and families (corn on the cob and ribs included). For a treat, Otter Pops will be served everywhere to cool off from the summer heat. Next, we will visit amusement parks, while basking in the beauty of golden hour. As the day comes to a close, everyone can make s’mores around campfires to kick off the beginning of the ultimate season, summer.