What’s Your Leprechaun Name?

By Kendall Albrecht

Ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a sneaky leprechaun, evading traps and causing mischief? Combine the word next to your first initial with the word next to your birth month to find out what your fellow leprechauns would call you! 

A- adorable

B- bubbly

C- charming

D- dreamy

E- enthusiastic

F- Fantastic

G- giddy

H- happy

I- interesting

J- jovial

K- kind

L- lucky

M- magic

N- naughty

O- Outstanding

P- perfect

Q- quick

R- mischievous

S- smiling

T- terrific

U- upside-down

V- special fun

W- wonderful witty

X- silly special

Y- restless youthful

Z- zanyzany

January- clover

February- gold

March- green

April- rainbow

May- shamrock

June- coin

July- potpot

August- flower luck

September- four-leaf flower

October- luck trap

November- trap prankster

December- prankster luck