My New Favorites from Starbucks

By Emily Burich

For this issue I decided to review two items off the Starbucks menu.  These two are widely known by all Starbucks lovers like myself.  I’ve heard great things about the grilled cheese, but I’ve never actually gotten one from Starbucks.  Therefore, I decided to try it alongside one of my favorite drinks, a caramel macchiato.  Since the weather has been a lot colder recently, I got my drink hot.  The caramel macchiato never disappoints; the perfect balance of coffee and sweet caramel makes this the perfect drink for chilly mornings.  When trying the grilled cheese I had very high expectations and honestly, it was really good.  Starbucks uses a combination of white cheddar and mozzarella which added a lot more flavor to the sandwich.  I would definitely recommend the grilled cheese. I’ve already ordered it again multiple times.  Overall, I would rate the grilled cheese a 9/10 and the caramel macchiato an 8/10.