Matcha Definitely Wasn’t Made for Me

As an avid Starbucks customer, I am always seen with a Starbucks beverage in hand.  In fact, one day I showed up to my American Government class without a Starbucks and my teacher, Adam Perez, asked if I was okay.  Many people know about my Starbucks addiction and therefore, I’ve decided to do a review on a Starbucks drink each issue.  The fact that I have a Starbucks right next to my house is so tempting and has made my addiction worse.  For my first review, I decided to try a drink I have never had before.  I’ve seen many people on campus drinking matcha lattes from Starbucks and they’ve always intrigued me, but I hate trying new things and I like to stick to my favorites.  I tried the matcha latte and had high hopes but was ultimately disappointed.  I have found out that I’m not a fan of matcha, but I would never not get the drink again.  I am a fan of sweet drinks, so matcha doesn’t satisfy my sweet tooth.  Overall, I would rate the iced matcha tea latte a solid 5/10.  For those who like green tea and not so sweet beverages, I would recommend the matcha latte.  It also is a lot healthier than my normal drink so if you’re looking to be healthier when going to Starbucks, the matcha latte is perfect.  It wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t order it again anytime soon.