I Can’t Live Without Burritos

Yes, I love burritos. Truthfully, I am obsessed with them. In an average week I consume at least five burritos. My friends are often concerned for my health considering the amount of burritos I manage to eat. Senior Olivia Pocat observes, “Larena eats burritos on the daily and spends all her money on them.” My infatuation with burritos is beginning to become an issue, as burritos are expensive and I am trying to save up money for college. Lately I have been spending all of my money at La Cueva and Rojoz, two amazing Mexican restaurants that I can’t seem to stay away from. Although burritos are depleting my bank account, their deliciousness makes the cost totally worth it. I can’t stay away from burritos, and I definitely can’t live without them. They have become an important part of my identity, and how others view me. As Westmont senior Taylor Casillas comments, “When I see a burrito, I think of Larena.”