‘Ginny & Georgia’ Goes for Great

By Emily Burich

Compared to season one, season two of Ginny & Georgia is much better.  The show starts off right where the season one cliffhanger left off.  Ginny and Austin are now at their dad’s house, not speaking to their mom.  Ginny knows a lot about Georgia’s past and secrets and doesn’t trust her mother anymore.  Throughout the season, there’s lots of drama but MANG (Ginny’s friend group: Max, Abby, Nora, and Ginny) is back together after resolving their issues and everything seems fine.  Ginny is in therapy and talking to her mother frequently.  The show tends to incorporate trends in the lines of the characters.  For example, in season 1, Sophie’s friend dressed up as a VSCO girl and said, “sksksk and i oop.”  Instead of it being a cool addition to the episode, it made many viewers cringe because of how outdated the trend was.  In this new season, there aren’t many cringey parts except for Max and Norah’s line stating: “it’s the betrayal for me” and “it’s the secrets for me.”  This line was popular a few months ago when the show was being filmed, but since then it hasn’t been used which made me and other fans cringe upon hearing those lines.  However cringey some of the scenes are, the show really highlights mental health as many of the characters have depression, signs of anxiety, body dysmorphia, and tend to self harm.  They even raise awareness to the deaf community as Max’s father is deaf.  Sign language is used frequently in the show when scenes with Max’s family come on.  The show ends on another cliffhanger, leaving fans intrigued on what’s going to happen in season 3.  Overall, the new season of Ginny & Georgia is drama-filled, intriguing, and informative.