Breaking the Norm

By Keira De Vita

Movie review: No spoilers ahead but there is a brief summary of the plot

A sequel to Knives Out: A Murder Mystery, Netflix released the one and only Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. I feel strongly about  sequels; they never meet the standards of the first movie (including and not limited to the mess that is Teen Beach 2), but Glass Onion… is quite good. The movie contains a new cast, all except for the detective, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig)  who is the recurring character of the series. The movie, based during the hectic midst of Covid, follows a group of friends who receive an invitation to an  exclusive annual friend group get together. Wealthy Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton) orchestrates  their reunion on his island home where he reveals their weekend will be spent solving his own murder mystery. In a turn of events, the real plot lies in uncovering the truth—no one appears safe. Most failures throughout franchises lay in character casting. An example of this is when “new hip” actors are casted that can distract from the plot. Actor Madelyn Cline who is popular in the teen drama Outer Banks was casted in this film. Most of the time newer actors distract from the plot but her take on the character blends cleanly into the movie. This film breaks the standard of the typical failure of the second movies in franchises and brings a fresh taste with actors that connect to younger audiences.