Decadently Dazzling

By Keira De Vita

My table for four would take place in my home. Though decorated lightly, glitter and a sophisticated shimmer will complement the room; making the aura of my 60 square-foot kitchen homey and welcoming to my spectacular guests. First, to arrive, due to the fact she is up every hour of the day, Taylor Swift is seated next to me but on the other corner of the table. Across from me, arriving next would be Chappell Roan, DIY outfit and all that would stun Olivia Rodrigo as she traipses in behind the curly-haired artist. Perceived as a basic choice for my table for four, it is anything but that. I do not listen to these artists because they are popular or up-and-coming, I listen to them because of their character and how their lyrics resonate with me. Music has encompassed such a vast majority of my life that I know it no other way. These artists are a staple in my life, and I will forever be grateful for the masterpieces these masterminds have produced and presented to the world.