An Ode to My Daily Study Hall Table

By Faith Gonia

Once just occupied by Kendall Ho and I, our go-to table in Christopher Mock’s study hall was quiet, calm, and charmingly dependable. It was Kendall and I against the world; I constantly distracted her from her homework, while she never failed to patiently listen (I am so sorry Kendall). 

Not only patient, Kendall Ho is one of the most compassionate people I know. Her kindness extends to anyone she meets, not to mention she is a legend on the basketball court. Seriously guys, one day this girl is going to be in the WNBA. Our company has grown a bit since the start of the year, but I feel endlessly grateful to call Kendall a close friend and my study hall buddy since day one.

Not long after came the wonderful Anna Genna. An absolute joy to be around, Anna delivers priceless one-liners that bring our entire table to tears. They soar in AP U.S. History, and I have no doubts that they could be the future president of the United States. I admire and am amazed by Anna’s intellect, but even more so by their goodness. They are outstandingly welcoming, and their humor brings our table together. 

Last, to join our table,  Olivia D’Antona might be the most on-task out of the four of us, aside from the occasional “Papa’s Pizzeria” session. An incredibly loyal friend, Olivia laughs at my jokes even when they are in no way funny. I can count on Olivia to not judge when I leave myself one night to do two chapters of APUSH reading notes; we both share a tendency to procrastinate. I think she understands me more than I do. 

As our study hall dream team grew beyond the three attendees listed above, our volume did too. Yet, we still manage to (mostly) maintain productivity. Shoutout to Mr. Mock for putting up with, arguably, the noisiest table in there. 

So, here’s to our table of four in room 35. It is here I have the loudest laughs, the brightest smiles, and the warmest feelings.