What Really Happened to Princess Diana?

By Cynthia Andary

In the early morning of August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, was pronounced dead after sustaining injuries from a fatal car crash in Paris, France. Along with Diana, her partner Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul also passed away. This left one lone survivor Dodi’s bodyguard, Trevor Jones. Since her death, concern has risen about the honesty of the situation. Questions struck the nation: Is the Royal family trying to cover up something? Over the years people have created elaborate stories of what they suspect truly happened to the Princess. 

During her marriage to Prince Charles III, both parties were involved in extramarital affairs. Diana went to the press to express the problems she was facing mentally because of her royal position and her marriage. Following this, the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their official separation in 1992. Before her death, Princess Diana was photographed on several vacations and outings with her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed. This did not look good on paper and was leading to bad press reports on the royal family. After the split, Charles continued his relationship with his mistress Camilla Shand. Charles and Camilla were not able to marry while his ex-wife was alive. To me, this sounds like a motive. 

 The theory that holds the most validity is that the car had been tampered with. This would be an easy, non-complicated way for the royal family to cause the deaths of those in the vehicle, specifically Charles’ ex-spouse. The Royal Family has an abundance of power which means that they have the ability to pay someone off to tamper with the car which would make it malfunction and cause a crash. In fact, they have enough power to insure her death by making the medics take her to a different hospital than the nearest one to insure she would not be in good condition. Which is exactly what happened. 

No matter how many conspiracies are spread, we will never truly know the circumstances of the situation. People will continue to have their own theories and question the truth of the tragic accident.