Westmont’s Upcoming Events 

By Melania Metanovic 

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February 13-17: Love Week

February 13:

Love the Environment Day!

Two recycling cans will be located in the middle of the quad. Come up to ASB members at lunch, as we’ll be standing near the cans, and receive a piece of candy for helping the environment. 

February 14:

Friendship Appreciation Day!

Friendship Bracelet making in the quad at lunch.

February 15:

Self-Love Day!

Signs will be posted around the school to promote self-love and appreciation. 

Tea and yoga in the wellness center.

February 16:

Love of Staff Day!

There will be a kind, personalized message/note for every teacher on their doors to show our love and appreciation for all that they do!

February 17:

Love of Community Day!

Clothespins with kind messages will be passed around the school. Take one, and pass it on. Share the love and joy with everyone you know. 

Also, many activities will be taking place on Westmont’s social media, so make sure to participate! 

March 13-17: Diversity Days 

March 13: 

Cultural Games

Infographics on cultural history 

March 14: 

Lunchtime activities representing different cultures 

March 15:

Wear cultural outfit to school/represent your culture/fashion show

Recognizing countries around the world

March 16: 

Cultural Food Day

Infographics about food

March 17: 

Cultural Dances Day

Infographics about cultural dances

March 20-24: March Madness 

As March approaches, so does the annual Westmont March Madness basketball tournament! 16 teams will compete in four days of competition for the title of March Madness champions. The first rounds will be played on the outdoor courts and the final in the gym. Keep an eye on the Westmont Instagram page for more info and team sign-ups coming soon! 

March 27-31: Battle of the Classes

March 27: 

Dress Up Day: Pink Day (Sharpay)

Lunchtime Activity: Friendship bracelets 

March 28: 

Dress Up Day: Bad Hair Day 

Lunchtime Activity: Snow machine

March 29: 

Dress Up Day: Bikers vs. Surfers 

Lunchtime Activity: Musical chairs

March 30: 

Dress Up Day: Class Colors 

Lunchtime Activity: 3 point contest 

Night Rally in the gym at 7 pm

March 31: 

Dress Up Day: Adam Sandler Day 

Lunchtime Activity: Beads ro-sham-bo contest 

Dance in the evening in the gym (theme: duo or group costumes)