New World Order 

By Nupur Kudapkar and Adam Sarsfield 

According to the New World Order (NWO), this conspiracy theory speculates that a group of elites is orchestrating world events to subjugate the general public. The existence of a New World Order taking control of the world has been speculated by many for decades now. The origin of theory for the New World Order originated pre-Cold War era as the setting stones for the introduction of a newer, safer world that Presidents Wilson and Churchill were very admitted to suggesting they could achieve through the opening of the League of Nations. However, as time went on towards the Cold War era of the United States the pieces of “evidence” used by many NWO theorists held a heavy anti-Semitic viewpoint, going so far as to place blame on Jewish people for being the ones responsible for the orchestration of a pro-communist regime that would conquer and taken control of the world. During the Cold War, the establishment of the John Birch Society (JBS) only expanded the NWO theory as the JBS highly advocated for the search and removal of any and all communist elites in America that held plans to topple the American government. The JBS drew many conspiracy theorists in and can be credited with playing a part in the counterculture era of the 1960s and 70s. The counterculture era was a phenomenon of a significant rise in anti-authoritarian ideas and conspiracy. This adoption of the counterculture mentality and many more factors laid a path for the rise of the original New World Order theory. However, following the fall of the Communist regime in Russia the idea of a communist takeover became obsolete. Hence, the focus of the theory then changed to an Atheist-controlled world that would be controlled by an untouchable oligarchy of international bankers, corrupt politicians, and corporatists. Entering the new century the theory again expanded and adapted to the current political ideas of the time that include the older untouchable leaders section of the theory but more so focussed on the militarisation that many countries were undergoing and predicted a militaristic forceful takeover of the modern world. Although the theory has never lost its support by many theorists there is much more that can be connected to support the claims of researchers such as the control of the Rothschild family, a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family that has most of the international banks to influence the economic hold of the untouchable elites.

The writers of this story and The Shield Staff do not endorse the NWO’s views.