Celebs Gone Wild

By Rachel Walker 

In 2013, the world was taken by storm when celebrities showed their true colors or scales, with many speculating a group of them were actually lizards. Lizard people, or reptilian humanoids, first appeared in the news in the 90s when David Icke, an English conspirator, and former soccer player, wrote a book suggesting the Illuminati created lizard people to take over the world. The claim was not made popular until 2013 when many accused former President Barack Obama of being a lizard. Furthermore, many people, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Bieber, were also accused of being lizard people after they both had questionable interviews. Mark Zuckerberg took to Twitter, claiming he was not a lizard, but many still questioned based on the evidence. In the video, he stares blankly at the interviewer, and then his eyes begin to shift, and the clip cuts out, leaving the internet wondering what was occurring during his trial. After that, during Justin Bieber’s criminal sentence, his eyes seemed to shift into what the internet identified as a lizard shift, yet, he never spoke about the incident publicly. The main reason lizard people shift is to take control of situations and the world. Whether a camera mishap or celebrities shift into lizards to take over, there is no doubt something sketchy is going on behind the scenes.