What’s Your Superhero Name?

By Julia Kemp

Combine the words under your birth month and first initial to figure out your superhero name!

Birth Month:

Jan: Elastic

Feb: The Great

Mar: Speedy

Apr: Super

May: The Magnificent

June: Captain

July: Strong

Aug: Silly

Sep: Astro

Oct: Wonder

Nov: Awesome

Dec: Litty

First initial:

A: Monkey

B: Tornado

C: Spider

D: Man

E: America

F: Woman

G: Storm

H: Octopus

I: Thunder

J: Toast

K: Strawberry

L: Marshmallow

M: Rainbow

N: Assassin

O: Man

P: Laser

Q: Milkshake

R: Lightning 

S: Hurricane

T: America

U: Girl

V: Falcon

W: Monster

X: Magnet

Y: Boy

Z: Porpoise