By Carter Cormier

Oh bitter, dark elixir of the gods,

How we adore thee, rich and bold.

From the depths of the earth you arise,

To awaken our senses and chase away the cold.

With each sip, we taste the magic

Of the sun, the rain, and the soil.

A symphony of flavors, so complex

And yet, so perfectly full.

You bring warmth to our hearts

And a spark to our weary minds.

You remind us to slow down, to savor

The moments, so often left behind.

You are the companion of the early bird

And the refuge of the night owl.

You are the connector, the equalizer

Bringing people together, young and old.

Oh bitter, dark elixir of the gods

We honor you, in all your forms.

From the humble drip to the fancy latte

You are the lifeblood of our mornings.

We raise our cups to you, dear coffee

May you always be rich, and strong,

And may our love for you continue to grow

As we drink you all day long.