Are the Buffalo Bills Still Rumbling?

By Rachel Walker 

As of week 13, the Buffalo Bills are first in the AFC East, sitting with a 9-3 record. With the Bengals win against the Chiefs, the Bills regained the first-place title in the AFC, meaning the AFC Championship would be hosted at home, assuming they win out. Despite two back-to-back heartbreaking losses in a span of 12 days, the Bills were able to bounce back, winning their last three games. With seven inches of snow, the Bills moved the games against the Browns to Detroit. Three days later, on Thanksgiving, the Bills had a nail-biting win against the Lions also in Detroit. With 24 seconds left on the clock, Josh Allen threw a dime through three defenders to Stefon Diggs, putting them in field goal range. From the 45, Tyler Bass kicked the winning field goal. With relief, Allen hugged Diggs, expressing his gratitude. When asked what the two said to each other after the win, Diggs told the press he told Allen he loved him. He further stated how much love and respect he has for Allen, saying, “That’s like my real sibling. My little, big brother.” 

No longer a high Super Bowl favorite, the Bills continue to fight, battling costly injuries. Against the Lions, the Bills suffered a huge loss when Von Miller was carted off the field after a knee injury. Unfortunately, he was put on IR for the rest of the season.  As such a key part of the Bills Super Bowl could be in jeopardy. However, the defense could still hold up against a quality offense. Currently, the Bills have three key defenders hurt, including Micah Hyde, who is out for the season with a neck injury. Allen has also been battling a lingering elbow injury since playing the Jets in week seven. With so many injured players, the defense and the offense have not been the same in the last couple of weeks. If the Bills can become healthy, then they will remain a top-three team; however, with more injuries, the Bills could find themselves fighting for a playoff spot. 

Though there is still hope. After a year of recovery, Tre’davious White was finally active, although he did not play  every snap. Playing the AFC Championship game at home would be huge for Buffalo, increasing their chances of winning. Playing two of the three teams that beat them in the upcoming weeks, the Bills are faced with a huge test. Winning out would increase the chance of a Super Bowl, putting little doubt in everyone’s minds that this is the year.