Breaking News! Local Impulse Buyer Wins Big!

By Julia Kemp

All of the people who have ever shopped with me know one thing: I am an impulsive buyer. Ooh, a new chapstick I’ve never tried? It’s going in the cart. A shirt that’s cute but 20 dollars overpriced? You only live once. Dressing rooms aren’t open? Whatever, I can always return it. If I won the lottery, there’s no way I’d save a penny.

First, I would give a portion of my earnings to my friends and family. I would want to make sure that my parents live comfortably for the rest of their lives, and that my sister, Cat Kemp, lives the luxurious life she dreams of. 

Next, I would buy those 10,000 dollar Taylor Swift tickets being sold on Ticketmaster and get front row seats to the Eras Tour. 

Of course, I would have to buy a large plot of land (perhaps an island?) where I could live in solitude by my own rules. No one telling me what to do or barging in on my alone time? Sounds pretty great to me. I would like to have all of the necessary amenities (boutiques, salons, etc.) on my island, so I would of course need to spend some of my earnings building a small, personalized city just for me. 

Finally, I would spend the remainder of my earnings funding community projects and helping the less fortunate; at the end of the day, it would be pretty nice to be considered a philanthropist as I lounge about on my private island with T Swift blasting on my headphones.