New Years Horoscopes

By Julia Kemp

Whether 2022 was good or bad, I wish you wellness for 2023. As you roll into the new year, reflecting on the mistakes and blessings of ‘22, remember to set good intentions for 2023—aim for growth and peace. Below are my predictions for each horoscope sign going into the new year. 


You are so ready to leave this year behind. Full of ambition and determination, you may feel as though you need to jump into a new project or goal; don’t forget to take a breather. Life doesn’t have to move so fast! Take it slow and don’t rush. 


You may try to overload yourself with new routines, new friends, or new activities. Remember to trust what you know and love, and stick to the basics! Also, remember to reconnect with the important people in your life in the new year. Don’t forget your roots with all of the new things coming your way!


Everything must feel very chaotic and dramatic for you right now, Gemini. Not to worry! In the new year, you will learn to embrace the chaos, and find deeper meaning in the world around you. Your bonds will grow stronger, passions will grow deeper, and you will find yourself through all of the ups and downs. 


In the new year, your strengths in supporting others will come in handy. You will be drawn to the idea of home (whether that’s in a house, with family, or with close friends). Don’t be afraid to stick to your roots and protect yourself this year. 


This year, you will be ambitious in the pursuit of a work or educational goal. Try not to be distracted by superficial gains. Work on caring for your physical and mental wellbeing, and the wellbeings of those around you. 


All will be well for you, Virgo. Expect money to be a little tight in the beginning of the year, but prepare for an abundance of wealth later on. You will find yourself present and happy in social settings; don’t be afraid to branch out in your social circles!


You might feel a little low-energy at the beginning of the year. Don’t feel bad for taking things slow, and doing what you need to protect your energy. You will have many deep conversations this year, and your bonds will either grow stronger or fade away (up to you!). Keep on protecting yourself, and don’t forget to be open and patient with those you love. 


You might have problems with anger or sadness this year, Scorpio. Take care of your mind and heart, and try not to let others drag you down. You will be successful in voicing those opinions that you were scared to voice in 2023. Make sure to use your voice powerfully, but don’t let it hurt those you love. 


In the new year, you will be more comfortable with a simple lifestyle. You will have the clarity to conquer new tasks and achieve much. You will be able to empathize with others easily and will have a clear view of the world and of yourself. 


Relax a little, Capricorn. You may want to tackle multiple work/educational goals or try to accomplish a big and mighty task. Don’t be afraid to take an off day. You will focus more on your sensitive side this year, and will achieve inner growth. 


Don’t be afraid to push yourself this year. You may want to stay in, but a buzzing social life will bring you many blessings. You will learn to live in the moment, but don’t forget to think about the future (a little bit). 


You may have felt off this past year, but you will find yourself again in 2023. You will be excited to share your ideas and will achieve many professional/educational goals. You will feel more comfortable speaking up for yourself and protecting your inner peace. Make sure to write down all of your ideas and don’t forget to make them heard.