The Supreme Turkeys

By Avalon Kelly

It’s been a chaotic year in the Supreme Court.  With out-of-touch rulings on critical issues ranging from abortion to climate change, these animals have really earned their spot on the list of Turkeys of the Year.

The chaos ensued on May 2, when Politico released a draft opinion on a case to overturn Roe v. Wade.  The decision was ultimately released on June 24, going against a 50-year precedent of the constitutional right to abortion.  This ruling nullified a fundamental right for women across America; reproductive autonomy had given women more power over themselves and their decisions.

Within the same week, the court also invalidated a New York law limiting citizens’ ability to carry a handgun in public.  Only one month prior, a shooting at Uvalde elementary had reignited cries across the nation for stricter gun laws.  Yet again, these turkeys followed their own agenda while ignoring public dissent.

A final notably backward ruling was the Court’s decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, in which they attacked President Biden’s climate action plan by severely restricting the EPA’s ability to limit carbon emissions.

Overall, this institution created to protect justice has truly done an injustice to the American people with its complete disregard for our individual rights.  These old turkeys will surely be at the center of this year’s Thanksgiving feast.