Global Glimpse

By Natalie Gaylord and Kendall Albrecht

Do you love traveling, meeting new friends, growing as a leader, and developing more independence? Come travel with Global Glimpse! Global glimpse, a technology-free trip, exposes students to the culture and environment of another country. All juniors are welcome to join the team and travel for 2 weeks to either Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, or Ecuador over the summer in between junior and senior year. 

Global Glimpse, a nonprofit international travel and leadership program, allows students to travel for anywhere from $500-$5,000 (depending on your family’s income you may receive more or less financial aid). As a Westmont student, every member receives an automatic $1000 scholarship. Further financial aid can be provided to help pay for the trip. This price is all-inclusive for the flights, hotel, three delicious meals a day,  and activities in the foreign country. 

A past traveler and now alumni ambassador, senior Natalie Gaylord, explains, “Glimpsers, get to explore the new culture through two weeks, each day with a new focus.” She further describes “Community Day,” her favorite day, “where all travelers got to live with a family in Costa Rica for a day and cook, play, and live with them. I also really liked the three Community Action Project days where we get to help build something for the community. On my trip, we built a bathroom for the local school!” Other days focus on the environment, local companies including the cheese farm and coffee plantations, town exploration day, and more!

Natalie adds, “Although they predominantly speak Spanish there, there are many translators on the trip and everyone is so kind. Everyone knows each other there and is willing to help each other without a second thought. Even though you start this trip with 20 other juniors who are strangers, at the end you are all best friends!” 

If you want to hear more feel free to email Natalie at 

The steps to join global glimpse: 

1. If you are a junior, you can ask any of your teachers to nominate you or email Ms. Fawson directly at

2. Wait for Global Glimpse to email you the link to the application. 

3. Fill out the application with a few short answer questions about yourself and choose where and when you want to travel!

4. Submit the application before November 15! 

5. Attend an online parent meeting with your parents. 

6. Once accepted to global glimpse, you attended pre-travel workshops to prepare. 

7. Meet the 20 other juniors from across the United States at the airport on your travel date. 

8. Travel and have fun! 

9. Senior year of high school you can join the alumni ambassador program too!