Fall Sports Recap 

By Amelie Arango

Water Polo 

Boys stats: 8-3 overall, 7-1 in league

Girls stats: 7-2 overall, 7-1 in league

Thoughts on the season: “I had a lot of fun and I thought we showed a lot of improvement.” -Guiseppe Cusmano


Stats: 9-1 overall, 4-1 in division

Thoughts on the season: “I think the season went great, but we felt we should’ve been 10-0 instead of 9-1.” -Zach Taylor

Cross Country 

Boys stats: 7-0 overall, and they were the League champs. 

Girls stats: 3-4 overall, 5th in league

Thoughts on the season: “This season was incredibly impressive for both the girls and boys teams. Heatwave, rain, or shine-we are out on the roads doing workouts and working super hard. I couldn’t be prouder of all my teammates and how each runner has grown!” -Alex G.

Girls Tennis 

Stats: 3-7 overall

Thoughts on the season: “Although we didn’t do as well as we normally would, the team had a lot of fun this season.” -Olivia Pocat 


Stats: 12-12 overall, 4-6 in league 

Thoughts on the season: “We did really well as a team and I’m proud that we made it to CCS.” -Keira DeVita 

Field Hockey 

Stats: 9-7-2 overall, 3-7 in league 

Thoughts on the season: “It was a super fun season and a super fun team! We played really hard all season despite moving into a higher league this year, and it was a great last year of field hockey.” -Rachel Griffith