Amazing Amsterdam 

By Amelie Arango

What do canals, Van Gogh, and bikes have in common? They are all iconic staples of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, and I absolutely loved it. Below are just a few of my favorite things about Amsterdam. 


A main part of Amsterdam is the canals. Running throughout the city, the beautiful canals are filled with small boats and ducks. Flower pots and bikes lined the rails, making for a very picturesque city. There were no side railings, so you could hang out with your legs dangling over the side as you people-watch. 

My picture of the canals, lined with flower pots. 


Amsterdam is known as the “Bike Capital of the World,” and everywhere you look there are bikes. The streets are bumpy, but that doesn’t stop bikers. This makes Amsterdam very safe and eco-friendly, as there are almost no cars. Although, you have to be careful when walking as there are many times I was almost hit by a speedy bike. 


The buildings in Amsterdam are stunning, built bottom-to-top with brick as they line the canals. Although small, they are very pretty and make Amsterdam the charming city that it is. 

Just one example of the stunning architecture in Amsterdam. 

Public Transport

The public transportation system is buses, which are very reliable and clean. They are relatively small, but they keep the buses clean and safe. This stuck out to me because compared to other public transportation systems in Europe, they were very sanitary.