The Careful Balance of Study Music

By Maddon Hoh-Choi

Listening to music can give anyone an energy boost during a boring study session. However, listening to the wrong kind of music can break your concentration and distract you from the original task. 

Healthline reports that the best tips for choosing music are 

-those without lyrics

-slow, and usually instrumental

-non-surprising or non-experimental music

-low volume

-songs that don’t evoke a strong emotion 

A category that fits all these conditions, and one I would personally recommend is video game soundtracks! These soundtracks were made to be listened to as background music while one completes tasks. They often don’t evoke strong emotions that break one’s concentration (the exception being boss battles). Check out music from game franchises like Super Mario Galaxy and Pokemon, which create wonderful ambiances, letting you study with peace and concentration.