“She’s A Maneater”

By Raven Carthon 

Jennifer’s Body, a gothic 2000’s classic, proves to be one of the best spooky movies of our generation. While still upholding a spooky standard, the movie encapsulates everything cheesy and camp about the 2000’s, which may very well be the reason for its popularity. The movie chronicles Needy Lesnicki and her best friend, Jennifer Check. After fiery disaster strikes, Jennifer becomes possessed by a man eating demon and seeks revenge on their town. Although the film features extremely overdramatized, and often comical, displays of gore and violence, the movie also has deeper meanings. Needy often finds herself longing for Jennifer in a way she cannot truly grasp. Over the course of the movie, Needy is suspected of having a crush on Jennifer, but she quickly brushes it off as a strong friendship. She then realizes her deeper feelings for Jennifer, prompting a kiss between the two. Jennifer herself comes out as bisexual during the movie, demonstrating the heavy LGBTQ+ themes within the movie.

I personally have an incredibly strong connection to this movie. I first watched Jennifer’s Body at the ripe age of 10 years old with my older cousins. I felt like one of the cool kids, being able to watch such a “mature” movie. As I watched, I found myself rooting for the villain in a way that I never had before. I did not know then that the movie would change my view of cinema forever. If you are a horror fan, who also wants a pick me up in the form of a man eating Megan Fox, then Jennifer’s Body is for you!