Venturing Down Avenue 5

By Carter Cormier

Set 40 years in the future, this futuristic space comedy will provide laughs for lightyears. The travel business among the stars booms and attracts a stellar cast of Hugh Larie, Josh Gad, and Zach Woods. Watching this show, one unravels twists and turns embedded in jokes and hilarious situations. 

A new episode of season two arrives weekly, and will surely deliver many chuckles and giggles with this TV-MA, family oriented production. 

As one accompanies the crew and voyagers, they connect with the cast, which is filled with relatable characters facing unfortunate and ironic disasters. While watching this show you will cringe at every corner, yet be unable to turn it off. 

All in all, the episode-based comedy Avenue 5 stands out among the myriad of shows, retaining a sad 67 percent rotten tomato rating. Although all critics don’t approve, you and your family surely will. The show is found on HBO Max, Prime Video, and Hulu.