Dishing For Dinner

By Carter Cormier

FOOD. We all love it, and if you don’t–you are either lying, or are deprived of everything remotely tasteful.

Dinner Fun Facts: 

Dinner originally referred to the most significant meal of the day, not necessarily the last one.

Traditionally, the largest meal was before noon–meaning dinner took place where breakfast is now. Really, this should be the 11 o’ clock page.  

The fear of dinner and/or conversing during a meal is called deipnophobia.
Calories: The energy needed to power someone throughout their day; no matter how active, an individual requires a substantial amount of food to power their heart, liver, and 77 other organs present in one’s body. The USDA recommends finding 45%-65% of one’s caloric intake from carbohydrates (carbs), 20%-35% from fat, and 10%-35% from protein. Certain diets consist of lowered carbs, higher proteins, and a plethora of other variations.

Stay healthy, stay sane, and enjoy dinner!