A Vegetarian Day of Meals

By Sinchana Holla and Sophie Schwarz

With a growing interest to be environmentally friendly and healthier, and for personal reasons, there has been an increase in vegetarians. A universal vegetarian struggle includes having trouble finding good places to eat that provide tasty vegetarian food, especially for new, fresh vegetarians. Hence, we have compiled a review of three eateries for the day’s three meals. 

The first meal of the day: Stacks

A famous, award-winning all-American comfort food breakfast and lunch place, Stacks provides food for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. With a plant-based menu, this breakfast place serves as a wonderful option for vegetarians. The menu contains options for plant-based hash, scrambles, and omelettes. Outside of the plant-based menu, there are waffles, toast, and pancakes that can easily be made vegetarian. Stacks are a little on the expensive side. My favorite menu option is the Triple Berry Waffle.

Lunchtime: Veggie Grill

With an entirely vegan menu, Veggie Grill is a wonderful eating option for vegetarians, because there are never any worries about if the food is vegetarian or not. The menu contains options for starters, salads, bowls, burger+sandwiches, desserts, kids, beverages, and a family meal. With a wide variety of healthy and “junk food,” there are endless opportunities to eat whatever you feel like. Often, vegan food is on the more expensive side, which is why it’s helpful that Veggie Grill has a family meal option. With a family meal, you can mix and match four entrees and two shares or four individual sides for just $50. Some of my favorite menu items from Veggie Grill are the sweet potato fries and southwest nachos. 

Time for dinner: Luna’s Mexican Kitchen

Although Lunas Mexican Kitchen is not a fully vegetarian restaurant, they have many vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the menu items are clearly labeled as vegetarian or vegan, making it easy to see what your options are. The dinner menu contains options for platos chicos, platos grandes, parrilladas, individual parrilladas, sopas, sides, ensaladas, and enchiladas. Lunas Mexican Kitchen is more high—end so the prices are higher. Some of my favorite menu items are the guacamole and coliflor frito (battered cauliflower), both in the platos chicos section, and the enchiladas el vegan in the enchiladas section. 

The three eateries serve as a wonderful place for you and your families to enjoy vegetarian food. This is just a fraction of the restaurants that serve delicious vegetarian food. Have fun on the journey of being a vegetarian, we’re rooting for you!