We’ve got Spirit, how ’bout You? 

By Jacqui McLean 

1: Saint Francis 

Saint Francis has by far the best football student section in the area. Not only do they have the best themes, but also, their student section is consistently packed. In fact, the school recently allotted more room in the stands to the student section because it is always so full. Labeled the “rage cage,” the student section at Saint Francis is always loud and hyping up their football team. Their spirit leaders have a variety of cheers, unique to the school, and involving the whole section. The school is often highlighted on nationally recognized Instagram accounts for having such a phenomenal student section. There’s never a dull moment in the “rage cage” and they definitely deserve the title of the best student section.  

2: Mitty

Mitty undoubtedly lived up to the hype of a private school student section and is one of the best in the area. The student section was packed to the max of spirited, dressed out students. The atmosphere was electric, positive, and always cheery. There was never a quiet moment in the stands. The only thing that could improve the student section is if there was a greater variety of cheers and less staff interference. The administration is quite strict, which is understandable due to the nature of the school and its rules. However, their interference at times killed the vibe of the student section. As well, the limited amount of Friday home games is unfortunate. Overall, the Mitty student makes for quite an enjoyable experience. 

3: Westmont 

Respectably, Westmont ranks third on the list, only after two of the most notable private schools in the area. The Westmont student section always has lively spirit and awesome themes that many of the students participate in. In addition, the student section has a variety of cheers led by our dance team, cheer team, and spirit crew. Having a plethora of groups to lead cheers keeps the student section hyped and loud. The only thing that could make the student section better is if there was more student participation. Understandably, there is less participation on Thursday games, but having a larger crowd would greatly benefit the Westmont student section. 

4: Bellarmine 

Not to say the Bellarmine student section isn’t fun, but more should be expected from such a well respected private school. You’d think that with such high tuition costs that the school could afford some more spirit. Nevertheless, Bellarmine’s student section was still enjoyable and just lacked the creative spirit of other schools. The theme was not evident in the stands, there was minimal decorations and spirit gear, and no performances. Bellermine, an all boys school, does not have cheerleaders or a dance team to hype up the crowd, so for what they have, the Bellarmine student section is okay. 

5: Branham 

From the outside looking in Branham seems like a spirit school with a lively student section. However, once immersed in the bleachers, the student section is visibly lacking. Although many students dress to the theme, the students are quiet with no one leading cheers or starting chants. As well, the administrators are extremely strict and restrict  the section from being hype and rowdy, as an essential part of a good student section. Every school needs a little organized chaos during football games to keep the spirit alive, but Branham lacks just that. 

6: Prospect 

For being such a large school, Prospect lacks in the spirit department. There may be a little bias due to the fact that they are Westmont’s rivals and tend to talk smack, but their student section definitely deserves sixth place. There is minimal cheering, very little spirit gear, and no liveliness. It could be the fact that they were recently moved down a league and, therefore, have less to cheer for, or simply that they lack student spirit. While I know that Prospect’s ASB team works hard, the students do not support the efforts to be more spirited.