Are the 49ers True Super Bowl Contenders?

By Haris Kadich

The San Francisco 49ers are in disbelief after their new starting quarterback, Trey Lance, left the game with an ankle injury late in the first quarter. Later, it was discovered that he had broken his right ankle, unquestionably ending his season and requiring surgery early Monday morning. Trey Lance was the 49ers’ first-round pick in the 2020 draft, and they traded up to get him. He did not play his rookie year because he was a backup to Jimmy Garappolo, and he played a lackluster game against the Chicago Bears to begin the season, which the 49ers lost.

Then, in the following game against the Seattle Seahawks, he broke his ankle and was replaced by the veteran Jimmy Garappolo. Reporters and analysts across the league believe Jimmy G has a better chance of leading the 49ers to a deep playoff run than Trey Lance. Trey Lance is a young quarterback who played in the FBS college football conference, where competition is known to be a little lower than in the NCAA conferences. Therefore, I believe he requires more time to mature as a quarterback and leader. While Trey Lance heals, I believe Jimmy G will put up big numbers this year and give the 49ers a good chance to win the Super Bowl.