The Birth of High School Musical 

By Lauren Marino

In 2005, the best movie series to ever come to Disney Channel was made. The very first High School Musical movie was created. This teen movie was about a high school basketball star, Troy, who falls for a math geek, Gabriella, and together they go through the experiences of being in a play. Sharpay, the “villain” in the movie, was a popular, attractive theater star who wanted Troy all to herself. She hated that Troy liked Gabriella and she was the new girl. 

Fans grew to love this cast and their crew made two sequels. The fan basis grew as the movies got better and better each time. The cast grew love for each other and all still play an important role in each other’s lives. The movie may not be the most realistic depiction of high school, but it’s definitely a feel good movie for friends and family.