Disney+ is a Disaster 

By Keira De Vita 

Disney is a vast world of a multitude of magical and mythical characters. These worlds curate an enthusiastic love for the world of fiction. Fostering a multitude of worlds has formed into something so large and inspires a multitude of people. Disney transitioned quickly from quality over quantity, full of new movies and original classics to the opposite, quantity over quality. As the years progress, Proof of Disney magic rapidly disappears from the shelves, The company is all about the money now.

Disney channel shows, once simple and fun, diminished as the net worth of the company rose, and the craving for money increased. The way Disney expanded their resources to make a greater income was through the creation of Disney+. A streaming service such as Disney+ contains every Disney television series or movie in one accessible area. Due to the extensive income, a greater amount of shows are created for the platform. Producing shows left and right brings in cash flow, but neglects to make quality shows that carry on past two seasons. Specifically the decline in a great franchise can be seen through Disney purchasing Marvel. This ultimately ruined the franchise. Most movies establish evidence that they are unnecessary or poorly written, destroying the previous character development of Marvel characters. This is illuminated through Wanda Maximoff’s character development from the wonderfully crafted production, WandaVision, compared to The Multiverse of Madness, which throws Maximoff’s character development out the window. The CGI and fight scenes lack that old Marvel spark, and the new plans for phase five and six of Marvel are abominable. Moreover, The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has to be one of the worst things Marvel has produced. With a budget of around 20 million dollars per episode, the series contains a horrible plot line that is frustrating to watch and the CGI is horrible. Just because a company can obtain the power to produce a multitude of films, does not mean that chance should be taken. 

It is evident that the major problem of quality is established through the development of Disney+, a streaming service of all things owned by Disney. Disney Channel’s new shows are trash, and the movie franchises fold out to be unnecessarily long or lacking a strong plot line. Creating Disney+ proves to be the downfall of quality among their productions.