The Internet’s Newest Diva: Malibu Barbie

By Elika Kalami

There is no playing it safe and mundane when it comes to Youtuber, Tik Toker, and versatile influencer Trisha Paytas. She is best known for creating controversy with her absurd videos and life updates, and the birth of her first child is no exception to her increasing popularity. 

Paytas, 34, recently announced the birth of her newborn daughter on social media on September 14. Her baby’s name is just as engrossing as her mother’s online persona: Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon. 

Even before her birth, Malibu Barbie became an immediate online sensation. The internet entered a frenzy when they realized that Paytas had gone into labor just as the United Kingdom’s Queen, Elizabeth II, passed away. Despite the two unrelated circumstances, Paytas’s fans speculated that the Queen’s soul would be reincarnated as her baby. Thus, updates on Paytas’ baby delivery were constantly making the list of viral news, gaining attention, and turning into memes. 

The Internet finally settled down once Paytas denied that she had given birth to the reincarnation of the Queen to her large following on Tik Tok. Nonetheless, they celebrated with the influencer when Malibu Barbie was finally born safe and sound. 

The future of Trisha Paytas and Malibu Barbie’s adventures has yet to be seen. Until then, Paytas has been lovingly expressing her affection for Malibu on social media. Congratulations to the new mother and daughter!