The Bodyguard

By Adam Sarsfield


The Bodyguard, a BBC show released in August 2018, takes place in London, England, and begins with David Budd, a Sergeant for the Metropolitan Police, riding a train towards Scotland with his family, when he notices one of the train staff acting skittishly and questioning the situation. Sergeant Budd had been made aware of the high probability of a terrorist being onboard the train and asks the staff member to call the police. He follows the protocols required to identify if the terrorist sleeper agent is going to follow through with any attack. When he searches a bathroom where the alleged terrorist exits, he finds a woman in the bathroom with a bomb vest attached to her. He is able to talk to her and calm her down with enough time for the anti-terrorist unit to arrive and disarm the bomb. The show then cuts to Sergeant Budd being reassigned to protect the Home Secretary, Julia Montague, and he takes the role with no hesitation. The show then follows Sergeant Budd and the Home Secretary as she handles the aftermath of the would-be terrorist attack and the probability of another attack. 

Personally, I find the show extremely interesting especially having no knowledge of British policing or politics. The show hits several deep themes by having Sergeant Budd fighting PTSD from his time at war and the backstabbing that occurs in all politics. The show slowly transitions from an action-filled show to a drama series that follows the Home Secretary’s path to gaining more power over parliament. I would give the show an 8/10 as some parts of the show can feel slow and mind-numbing, but I recommend watching the show as it is focused on the political drama that occurs after a major attack happens