Warrior Wardrobe: Amnah Jaafar

By Olivia Pocat

Amnah Jaafar is a fashion icon at Westmont. Her friend Kailey Topping admits, “I always go to Amnah for fashion advice.” Although she might take a long time to pick her outfits, it’s all worth it when the result looks super cool and fashionable. As Maya Bommelare recites “She cares about what she wears but doesn’t care about what other people think.” Besides fashion, Amnah also enjoys the beach, walks on the beach, her dog (Brandie), sweet tea, and hummus. Here is an exclusive interview with the star herself.

Who/what is your fashion inspiration?

Pinterest, to look for older styles from the 60s to mid 2000s because I think looking to the past is a good way to find classic styles. In terms of people, it’s old people who don’t care what they’re wearing. That’s what I want to look like. 

What is the worst fashion trend?

I don’t believe in bad fashion. I believe in bad mindsets. Because I used to think that my mom’s clogs were really ugly, and now I wear clogs all the time. So it’s all about how you look at things.

What is the best fashion trend?

Probably the shift from skinny jeans to bigger and looser mom, boyfriend, and flare jeans. I’m glad that people don’t look like chickens anymore.

What is your favorite clothing item?

Probably my red suede jacket because it’s the item that most represents who I am as a person because I’ve worn it in 4 instagram posts already. It’s a good staple. 

What’s your favorite style decade?

A lot of people hate the 80s, but I’ve been loving it lately. People think of it as bright patterns and colors, but I’ve been loving Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally because her fashion is sophisticated, autumn-y, and beautiful. And shoulder pads. I love shoulder pads. 

Where do you love to shop?

Literally like my entire closet is thrifted. Goodwill, savers, salvation army. And little antique grandma shops every now and then. 

Any fashion advice for people to look more fashionable?

I felt more comfortable with my outfits when I started accessorizing with different necklaces and rings and earring and it can make the outfit look more put together.