Study Hall Survey

By Jacqui McLean

Due to the new study hall schedule and numerous opinionated students, we conducted a survey about students’ thoughts on study hall. 

Forms response chart. Question title: What grade are you in?. Number of responses: 759 responses.

Do you ever have any problems during study hall? 

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that most students do not have problems during study hall. Although, there were still a decent amount of kids who had trouble finding open spaces in their classes, having enough time to complete work, and finding time to talk to their teachers during such a short period of time. Specific problems include: 

“Sometimes I have difficulty finding classes that aren’t full.”

“I have issues when the school arranges things so that we don’t have study hall for more than two days in a row, or when they take away study hall during collab days (those days should be made to have shorter classes while keeping the essential freetime we need to communicate with our teachers; otherwise, all that free HW and teacher communication time will just be moved to after school anyways, thus negating the idea of a shorter school day)”

“The shortened amount of time as compared to the previous 40 minutes given in the 2019 school year is too short. When I want to ask a teacher about something, the 20 minutes is too short for standing in line.”

“Sometimes hard to concentrate especially if you have friends in the class.”

Forms response chart. Question title: How do you feel about the length of study hall?. Number of responses: 755 responses.

What do you do during study hall? 

When asked what students do during study hall, the majority claimed to do homework or any of their upcoming school work. However, many students also said they use study hall to unwind, go on their phones, talk to friends, and eat. 

Forms response chart. Question title: On a scale of 1-5 how productive do you think study hall is?. Number of responses: 757 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: Do you think study hall is worth it?. Number of responses: 757 responses.

Overall, regardless of what students do during study hall, and the issues they may have with it, most students appreciate study hall and believe it is worth it.