Uggs: Embrace the Cheug

By Julia Kemp

“Uggs, really?” asked my sister, Cat Kemp, as I clicked “add to cart” on my computer. “Those are so ugly,” remarked Joseph Guardado, tired with my outdated and “cheugy” taste in fall footwear. Though I am chastised and criticized for my love of Uggs, I will never stop advocating for their place in this fall’s fashion trends. Uggs are both nostalgic and fresh. Pair them with a pair of flair leggings and a hoodie, and you get a perfect reminder of the beautiful simplicity of basic girl autumn. Dress them up with a scarf and a trench coat, and you have the perfect cozy fall streetwear. I simply cannot express enough how perfect and wonderful the fuzzy round shoes make me feel. Below are some examples of my favorite Uggs, and the way I picture them paired with a cozy outfit this fall. 

  1. Classic Ultra Mini in Chestnut

Picture this shoe with baggy light wash jeans, a chunky white sweater, and slicked back hair. I just want to wander around the streets of a big city, sip a piping hot cappuccino, and go holiday shopping in these simple and classic Uggs. These were the first pair of Uggs I bought (since my Ugg faze in Elementary School), and I love them loads. 

  1. Tazz Slipper in Chestnut

I imagine these Uggs on a lazy, rainy, autumn afternoon. After a long day lounging on an armchair, catching up on your favorite novel, picture yourself throwing on these stylish slippers, a pair of baggy sweats, a stylish fall vest, and maybe even the Maribel Mini Bag Sherpa in Natural, and going out to run errands. I love these sippers, and I would feel like a stylish horse with fall hooves if I ever decide to purchase. 

  1. Tasman X in Black

Ok… this might be my most controversial Ugg-pinon, but it must be said: I love clogs. I especially love Ugg clogs, though some may not agree. I can just picture myself wearing these on a rainy day, feeling lazy and not wanting to get up. I would throw these on with black leggings, white socks, a tight black jacket, and gold jewelry, and I would casually walk to school with my backpack and warm tea. 

Though you may face some disapproving opinions or discouragement, you should definitely consider purchasing some Uggs for this fall season. I plan on embracing the cheugy nature of these shoes, and truly appreciating them for their beauty and stability as I brace myself for the fall season.