How to Improve Your Study Habits

By Julia Kemp

Picture this: it’s 10:20 on a Wednesday morning and your canvas is filled with confusing, complicated, and convoluted assignments. You have so many questions unanswered and projects unfinished, yet you casually stroll to your favorite teacher’s classroom and lounge on your phone for the entire 35-minute period. If you’re like me, then your study halls probably looked like a relaxing social break, rather than a productive study session. Though socializing is great, and relaxing is essential to a healthy mind, study hall should be a time to achieve productive progress on assignments and projects. Below are some tips I use during study hall to ensure that I reduce the amount of time stressing over upcoming assignments and overloading myself with work at home. 

  1. Pick a good classroom

If you have any questions for a specific teacher about a grade, assignment, missing work, etc, it is important that you visit that teacher during study hall. Emails might work, but nothing beats face-to-face conversations with your teachers—study hall is the perfect time to have those conversations. 

However, though asking questions of specific teachers during study hall is important, it’s equally important to choose classrooms that have the environment to fit your studying needs. Do you work better in a quiet environment? Choose a classroom with a silent study hall. Do you want to work outside? Choose a classroom with a teacher who allows outside work. The easiest way to productively work during study hall is to be in an environment that suits your needs; if you’re unsure of your needs or which teachers have the best environment for you, I suggest visiting all of your classes during study hall to find the perfect fit. 

  1. Put your phone away

Though this may seem obvious, I find that phone usage is the biggest culprit of a wasted study hall. Study hall might seem like the perfect time to catch up on your phone, but I promise that you will be much happier if you finish your work during study hall and use your phone afterwards. 

  1. Form a study group

Study hall is the perfect time to work with your classmates on group projects and difficult assignments. I suggest that you find a good group of friends in each of your classes, make a group chat, and designate times to work together during study hall. 

  1. Work on assignments ahead of time

One of my greatest weaknesses, procrastination has led me through unnecessary stress and burnout throughout my years of high school. To avoid procrastination, I suggest truly using your study hall time to work on assignments in advance. Though you might not have any pressing assignments due, use study hall to work on assignments for the next day (maybe even the next week!). I HIGHLY discourage you from using the same thought process I used: “I don’t have to work on this assignment that’s due tomorrow, I can do it during study hall.” Don’t do assignments that are due that day during study hall. Not only will your work be unsatisfactory at best, but also you will have unwanted stress that will do nothing but harm you in the future. 

Overall, I believe that study hall is an important tool that you can use to limit your homework and stress levels. I believe that if study hall is used correctly, you will be relieved of stress and have healthier study habits moving forward.