Does Anyone Actually Study in Study Hall?

By Isabel Kikoshima

While some students use the time for catching up on homework or asking teachers questions, many choose to abuse study hall. Whether it is spending time with friends or taking a break from the monotonous schedule of a school day, people abuse study hall for a plethora of reasons. 

Many students choose to spend time with friends during study hall because those precious 25 minutes are one of the few times where they can socialize during the school day. Using study hall to hangout with friends, many students would rather spend time with their fellow classmates during school hours, when they should dedicate time to extracurriculars and homework after school. In addition, besides designated times to use phones at lunch and break, many classrooms only allow students to plug in and use their devices during study hall. From watching TikToks to scrolling through Instagram posts, most students utilize the period to catch up on social media and any announcements they missed from the morning. Study hall can also function as a break period for students to relax between their classes. After sitting in a chair for an hour and 40 minutes from their previous class, many students do not feel up to studying. Most want to use study hall as a time for recuperating and connecting with their friends, students choose to focus their attention on other priorities. Truly, does anyone actually study in study hall?