25 Minutes of Torture 

By Jacqui McLean

The concept of study hall is quite great. Students have extra time within their day to work on classwork, redo tests, meet with teachers, and get anything they might need to be productive academically. However, with the shortened study hall this year as well as a rise of study hall abusers, the once sacred time of day has turned into an absolute nightmare. For starters, the mere 25 minutes of study hall time provide minimal opportunities for students to talk to teachers or get any work done. By the time students check into study hall and get their work out, they have about 15 minutes of productive time, which is about enough time to read the instructions. With such little time, one can’t even think about attempting to complete a test or redo an in-class assignment. Don’t even get me started on the distracting students who disrupt the already minimal time students have to complete work. Simply put, with the current study hall structure I would much rather leave school 25 minutes earlier or use the time to take a nap.