We Made It to the Year 3000

By Amelia Lipcsei

Picture this: 1000 years from now, humankind might not even exist. With climate change continuing to become a greater problem as time passes, mounting temperatures could kill off the majority of the population. 

Now, we may get lucky. Maybe 1000 years from now, technology will have advanced to the point of no return. Maybe people will live in houses with infinite energy. Air conditioning, light sources, refrigerators—all of these essential items will be mandated in every single building. Without them however, the intense heat may become so unbearable that people cannot leave their homes. Imagine a world where stepping out into the sun is a death sentence. Well, that may be exactly what humans will experience in the year 3000. Houses, stores, malls, and theaters will all be connected. In fact, any place that humans need to go must have a connection point. If not, everyone will be trapped in the confines of their own homes. 

Well, what about traveling to other parts of the country? If we get lucky, engineers will find a way to insulate cars from the burning heat. Maybe wealthy people will have the ability to enter their cars from their homes and travel to where they need to go. Unfortunately, for the average person, going anywhere far will pose an extreme challenge. In fact, even taking trips to grocery stores will be costly and time consuming. Even worse, since resources will be incredibly limited due to an increase in droughts and natural disasters, water and food will have mandates restricting their consumption.

 If society lacks the ability to provide enough people with items necessary for survival, people will die. As overpopulation increases and resources decrease, people will only be allowed to have one child at most. In fact, in some cases, the government will bar certain families from having any children. It may become so bad that the government will have to choose who will receive zero rations of food and water. In these cases, citizens will starve. Who knows, maybe people will even have to vote on who dies. Imagine being forced to choose which one of your neighbors gets to starve. Well, if we continue to abuse our planet and ignore climate change, this could very well be the reality in the year 3000.