Dignified Ducks

By Alex Gryciuk

Streamed virtually on September 23 and 24 of this year, the Federal Duck Stamp Competition will take place and choose which piece of artwork will be printed on a federal stamp where proceeds will go towards wetland restoration and preservation.

Under strict guidelines, artists can only hand draw or paint on a medium that “must be 9″ x 12″ and less than ¼” thick”. 

Annually, a variety of ducks are chosen to be represented in the artwork competition in an effort to highlight the diversity of the duck population. This year, artists can choose to depict the “Tundra (Whistling) Swan, Mottled Duck, American Green-winged Teal, American Wigeon, Barrow’s Goldeneye”.

Stay tuned this September to see which dignified duck wins the competition!