He Does it All: George Billions

By Jacqui McLean 

Everyone at Westmont knows the name George Bilionis. He is the king of lipsync, head of ASB tech, and an outstanding teammate. For the past four years, George has played multiple sports and excels in all of them. Not only is he a phenomenal athlete, but also an outstanding person to be around. Teammate Zach Taylor says, “George is one of the best teammates I’ve had. He makes playing football fun and he always brings a smile and energy to practices and games. I love playing with my brother George.” When he isn’t playing sports, he is studying for his rigorous course load, participating in school events, and cheering on his friends who play other sports. George has greatly impacted the Westmont community for the better, both on and off the field. The ASB team at our school describes George as thoughtful, kind, goofy, and friendly. Working hard to get better everyday, George supports his community, school, and teammates in every way he can. Hopefully, George is able to bring his positive attitude and phenomenal athletics skills to a deserving college next year. We are excited to be able to highlight George’s athletic career at Westmont as this athlete of the issue. 

What sports do you play at Westmont? 

I play offensive line on the football team and I also throw shot put and discus for the track and field team.

How long have you played each of these sports for Westmont? 

This will be my fourth year for both sports.

What is your favorite thing about playing sports for WHS? 

I love the support I get from my teammates and coaches as well as the fans that come out to watch our games. The feeling of seeing hundreds of your peers in the stands cheering you on is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Do you hope to continue your sporting career after high school? 

Yes totally, I’d love to play college football and keep throwing on a college track and field team. Although, I know the competition is definitely a step up from what I’m used to.

How do you think your teammates and classmates would describe you? 

I hope my teammates see me as a shoulder to lean on when they need it. I try to drill into their heads that if they need help with anything, from learning a technique or play, to having trouble with academics, to always ask me for help. Other than that I’d hope they see me as someone who they can be comfortable with and have a good time with.

What is your favorite memory regarding playing a sport here at Westmont? (ex. great play, victory, award, ect.)  

I’ve won a few lineman of the year awards for the Santa Teresa division and hold records at Westmont for shot put, but I’d say my favorite moment playing sports here was the 2021 Homecoming game when Sei Kato and I drove a defensive lineman all the way to the end of the endzone on a touchdown, and then fell on top of him. I remember afterwards my friends told me they couldn’t stop laughing watching this poor guy get squashed below us. It was an exhilarating moment for us, but I’m sure it wasn’t as fun for the other guy.

Anything else you want to let me know? 

To the underclassmen: If you’re unsure about playing a sport at Westmont, do it. No matter how big or small or weak or strong you think you are, you have a place and I promise you you’ll have the time of your life. Don’t graduate with any regrets. I would do anything to be a freshman again and relive my experiences here. Don’t take your time at Westmont for granted. I hope to see you in the stands! 🙂