ATOI: Sana the Iguana

By Sydney Reese 

The one and only Sana Sharma does it all! From choreographing the class lip sync, to leading the breakdancing club, to tackling rigorous academic courses, to helping with asb, to playing field hockey, Sana is a person of many talents. Another one of those talents is their smile. Sana is known to break into a goofy grin at random times and typically, because it’s so contagious, the whole team follows with laughter. “Sana’s sarcasm and warm hugs never fail to make me feel better!” exclaims Ahra Choi, a friend of Sana’s. Furthermore, Sana is not only a great person to be around, but also a great student in the classroom. Sana effortlessly manages their AP classes along with all of their obligations around campus. However, while Sana stands out in the classroom, they drastically stand out on the field. Sana has a need for speed and you can catch them sprinting past everyone on a break away. As the center forward, Sana was one of the top goal scorers last season and will hopefully continue that legacy. Already scoring in the preseason game against Lynbrook, there are high hopes for Sana Sharma. “Sana stuns me with their fantastic skills, flawless form, and inspiring work ethic,” teammate and friend Rachel Griffith comments. With stickwork like no other, Sana “is a dependable player” mentioned Taylor Casillas, and can break the ankles of any defender. While the field hockey team isn’t exactly sure how Sana got the nickname, Sana the Iguana, it could be because the quickness and agility of an iguana is comparable to the speed and smoothness of the hardworking center forward. Maybe also because “iguana” was the only thing that rhymes with “Sana.” Overall, Sana Sharma, a well rounded, amazing individual, not only gives back to the academic community, but also the athletic community. We all love Sana! 

What is your favorite sport to play?

My favorite sport to play is definitely field hockey. 

How long have you been playing field hockey?

I’ve been playing field hockey since I was in middle school with Mrs. Harrington at Rolling Hills.

Do you want to continue playing after high school? 

I would love the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, as I have also been playing on a club team, giving me a higher chance of playing in college. I will most likely end up on the college’s club team, not necessarily the school team, and I’m very excited about it. 

Favorite memory from the field hockey team? 

My favorite memory is the game where we tied Willow Glen. I think it was one of the best games we have played overall as a team. The trip to Santa Cruz with the team was pretty fun too, but the Willow Glen was my favorite especially because of the “lil” rivalry we have with them. 

The thing you’re most excited about this year? 

I’m most excited about the team bonding, game days, and hype for field hockey. I feel like we normally don’t have this much hype and I’m really excited to see a lot of people at the games this season. 

What is your favorite part about field hockey?

Definitely the people. Nothing beats the field hockey community. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

In terms of the new coaching staff, I love coach Adam Perez and Liz Jarrett and I hope that we can continue to build the legacy of the program that Coach Lynley Takaki and Taka “Sugi” Sugimoto built.