More Than Just A Grocery Store

By Jen Mejia 

Many people are aware that Whole Foods is an expensive grocery store with a wide selection of organic and nutritious foods. Whole Foods is actually very distinct from other grocery stores, thus I would say that it is my favorite. There is a selection of hot and cold bar food, as well as a coffee bar, which always catches my eye. The coffee/juice bar at Whole Foods offers a wide range of beverages that set it apart from your neighborhood cafe.

Iced Non-Sweetened Matcha: 7/10 – It first tasted like milk with a tinge of matcha when I took a sip. The Iced Matcha requires a few more scoops, but it still tastes nice and grassy, which compares with Starbucks Matcha or as I like to call, green sugar. The bits of Matcha Powder in my drink were one item that worried me. I prefer not to chew clumps when sipping an Iced Matcha, thus the baristas should mix it in more thoroughly. Overall, the Iced Matcha was delicious and I totally recommend this drink, but make sure to ask for an extra scoop of Matcha.

Iced Vanilla Matcha: 9/10 – An Iced Vanilla Matcha is the ideal mixture; the green and vanilla undertones combine to create perfection. I did request another scoop of matcha this time which I recommend. Since the WF vanilla is not too overbearing, the flavor of the sweet and grassy savory ingredients is beautifully balanced. An iced vanilla matcha is the ideal beverage if you want a boost of energy but do not want to get jittery and anxious. I recommend this drink to all those matcha drinkers that need a good quality drink. 

Coconut Mango Bowl: 11/10 – SOOO SCRUMPTIOUS. As a coconut flake lover, I enjoyed eating this Açaí Bowl and would definitely buy this everyday if I could. To start off, there is a nice amount of toppings on top of the smoothie part. These toppings includemango, coconut flakes, granola, and bananas which are a great tropical mix. Now, the Açaí part is not that exciting, it is just basic Sambozan Açaí, not bad but not something to get excited about. Needless to say this bowl is cheaper and tastier than any açaí bowl found at Vitality Bowls.

Regular Berry Bowl: 10/10 – At first glance, I was impressed with the looks of my Açaí Bowl. It has all the toppings a typical Açaí Bowl has. The fruit was fresh, the granola had a nice crunch, and the açaí portion was smooth and well textured. It is a pretty average bowl with earthy and raspberry tones but it is definitely yummy and worth my money. 

Iced Chai Latte: 2/10 – “Chai is either really good or really bad”, says Senior Isabelle Senghor. As my chai was handed to me the ice was already melting. My question is, do they just put hot chai lattes over ice?  The melted ice flavored my Iced Chai to watered down milk with hints of cinnamon. While I took other sips the Iced Chai Latte just tasted like 2% milk with A LOT of spices. Do not buy this drink, just go to Starbucks.