A Note On Oats

By Faith Gonia

A canister of old-fashioned oats should be a staple in every home’s pantry. They easily compare to kitchen essentials such as flour, milk, sugar, butter, you name it! Oats have an equal amount of uses. Many turn their nose up at plain oatmeal, and therefore neglect to see the endless potential oats have to offer. 

As a whole grain food, oats contain a lengthy list of nutrients, some which may very well be the antid-oat-e to common health problems including high blood sugar, heart disease, colon cancer, and high cholesterol levels. Who knew!

One might argue that you can find these nutrients and more in other foods, so why choose plain old oatmeal as your breakfast of choice? Yes, vegetables like broccoli or spinach may lower both blood sugar and risks of cancer, but can broccoli be cooked to produce delicious pancakes, cake, and cookies? Not unless you want green-tainted, outright questionable ‘desserts.’ Oats however, can be blended with household ingredients like eggs, bananas, and vanilla extract to produce indistinguishable versions of your favorite treats! 

An oat quote! “I love oats because you can literally do anything with them,” says sophomore Ashwika Sankuratri, oat connoisseur and creator of the Instagram page [@ashwikasoatmeal]. Ashwika also adds, “They go with everything.” 

A personal favorite of mine, Banana Oat Pancakes, make for the perfect afternoon snack or a feel-good dessert. Often replaceable for flour in recipes, oats can even strengthen the satiety of your baked goods.

However, make no mistake of overlooking the classic, time-honored oatmeal. This quick, efficient, and customizable dish is absolutely worth a try. Add sprinkles of brown sugar and cinnamon for an autumn-approved start to your day, or perhaps for something more savory, a tablespoon of peanut butter paired with a handful of chocolate chips! The possibilities are endless. 

So next time you find yourself in a grocery store, before you brush over that canister of oats, consider not dem-oat-ing a wonderfully beneficial and healthy addition to your diet!