Gotta Live it Big Time!

By Rina Weaver

Saturday, August 22, 2022 will go down in history as the best concert Big Time Rush ever had. They took the stage to a sold-out performance in the Concord Pavillion, the last stop in their Forever Tour. Spencer Sutherland opened the show, and although I had never heard of him before, I left the show a little bit in love with him. BTR sang many songs from their TV show days including, “Any Kind of Guy,” “Halfway There,” and “City is Ours.” They closed with the two songs that everybody knows, “Big Time Rush,” and of course, “Boyfriend.” During the performance of “Worldwide,” the boys surprised everyone by bringing four girls up to sing with them. Unfortunately, I was not picked, so you can probably imagine how jealous I was. As they were singing “Paralyzed,” Logan disappeared from the stage and was later found talking to a fan in the crowd. The three other members, inspired by Logan, ran out into the crowd while singing. It was surreal seeing all of them so close to me, I felt incredibly nostalgic for my childhood days when I would watch Big Time Rush on TV with my sister after we came home from school. The four of them ended the concert by taking their shirts off, leaving me speechless, although my eyes were mainly on James, it was at that moment that I realized how much I really love all four of those hockey dawgs.