Country Comeback

By Lauren Marino 

Country music has always been one of the most popular genres of music.  Despite its popularity, the majority of country music’s following does not come from California.  The music resonates more with the southern part of the country.  In the summer of 2021, I started hearing more country music being played when I went out with friends. Oftentimes we would be jamming out to music in the car and there would always be a few country songs thrown in the mix with everyone singing happily along. Some of the major artists who have really grown in popularity are Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett, and Luke Combs.  From what I have noticed, these are the most common country artists played. I began to listen to these artists and immediately loved their music. As soon as I saw Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen advertising for their tour this year, I knew I needed to go.  My friends and I made the decision to buy tickets for August 25th and go as a group.  Filled with joy, we purchased a ticket and I am looking forward enjoy a night with my friends accompanied by the one and only Thomas Rhett. I am ecstatic to celebrate country music with all of my local friends who share the same love for the country music comeback.