By Sinchana Holla

Your dog might be anxious for the same reasons you are | Science | AAAS
  1. What is your favorite song, album, book, movie, or tv show?  Pick just one and explain.

My favorite book is The Westing Game. A wonderful mixture of suspense, thrill, and comedy. The plot twists engross the reader into the book. 

  1. If you were President, what would your platform be?

If I was President, I would use Instagram and TikTok to reach a wider audience. Many people view videos through these platforms, and the platforms are very effective to put a point across.  

  1. What does friendship mean?  Please mention one of your true friends in this explanation.

A friend is one who I can depend on. Someone who exhibits loyalty and listens to you with no judgement. A perfect example of a true friend is a gymnast, athlete, track star, cheerleader: the amazing Sophie Schwarz